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Sony Sucks

Man, I hate my laptop. It’s a Sony VAIO and it barely works now after only 2 years of owning it. The screen is buggered, the disc drive is starting to act up and it’s generally acting like a dickhead.

There are also some pretty awesome viruses on there. I’ve tried installing anti-virus software and anti-spyware on there and they both LOST. By that I mean the anti-virus software got corrupted when it tried scanning my drive and the anti-spyware simply crashes and shuts down when it tries to run.

So I’m typing this on my dad’s 8 year old Pentium1 133 Mhz computer instead.

I have quite a bit of spare time at the moment. I have had two days off work and I have no idea what to do with the freedom. Mostly I just hang out with Jen or Rod and watch DVDs.

Sadly, Jen’s pretty sick at the moment and has been bed-ridden all week. She has postular tonsilitis and she *might* have glandular fever. She’s going to see the doctor on Friday about it. If it is glandular fever then she might have it for SIX MONTHS meaning she can’t leave Brunei and will have to delay a semester of uni. Right now its fingers crossed for getting good news on Friday.

Still no job. Hopefully I can still get my shit together. I’m looking forward to going to Melbourne but it’ll be embarassing and pretty rude if I’m penniless and can’t afford to go out with Mike and Matt. Actually, Matt, are you even going to be in Melbourne at the end of February or will you be jet-setting to your next location?

That’s all I got to say at the moment. I’ll leave off with some info about the site.

SpyMag Notes:

– Good to see plenty of activity on the blog and in the new forums. When I send Jimmy T his stuff, then we should secure our domain name for another year. He also mentioned the possibility of giving us more space and bandwidth so we can start uploading more junk.

– We’re pulling between 450-500 unique hits a day which is pretty much consistent with what we’ve had for the past few months. To see our stats go here.

Fan signs are stored here.

– Some new stuff I’d like to set up is a single page for all our downloads (Dan’s music and the Salt Monkey songs) as well as a nicer version of the fan sign page.

– Should we ditch the music reviews section? I personally have no idea how to write them and will mostly stick to films and games reviews which I do mostly as a personal record of what I watch and play. I know Sam does the odd music review but even he hasn’t done that in a while.

– Sports Forum is up. I think that is the last of the new forums for a while.

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