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The Code

Didn’t go out last night. Won’t go out this night. Too much homework. Not enough money.

Polly calls just about every other night now. We’re trying to organize a get together for the Samoa-Georgia game here in Perth. We’re going to bring big signs and stuff so we can get on tv as I’m told there is 2 billion people watching worldwide and I like the idea of that many people looking at me painted blue with a ‘GO GEORGIA GO’ banner.

While we’re on the phone, we got talking about The Code. I’ve had this discussion with a bunch of girls before and maybe even a couple of guys. The Code is your guidelines of behaviour with the opposite sex. I think most guys adhere to:

– Dudes don’t beat up girls.

I personally also STRICTLY follow these other two:

– If situation presents itself, buy the girl a drink
– If a girl asks, lift or carry heavy shit for them

That’s about the extent of The Code for me. Anything else depends on the girl in question.

The whole issue with The Code came up because of something that happened at the Less Than Jake show. I didn’t go with anyone but I met this girl there called Cassy and got chattin’. She was by herself too. I offered to get her a drink (Code!) and we went to the bar. She met two friends from highschool or something. One of the girls, was this plus-sized Asian girl called Sarah. I mention she was Asian because she seemed so stuck on the fact that I was Asian myself. She was like:

‘Wow…an Asian guy at a punk show…I mean wow…an Asian guy….at a punk show….wow.’

I hang around and make small talk and then this girl asks me to buy her a drink. Now, I didn’t know this girl at all but The Code says I have to buy her a drink. So I do.

Less Than Jake come on and I wanna go back in to the pit. So I tell this girl I’m going and she’s says she’ll come to, and takes my hand and goes in with me. I wasn’t really diggin’ where this was going. Fortunately, a big fat kid pole-axes her so hard she loses grip of my hand. Freed, I made for the front of the crowd where some bigger kids were so she couldn’t follow. I lost her for the rest of the show and had a great time.

Now, Polly says the whole mess could’ve been avoided if I just said ‘no’ to buying her a drink. Which is probably true but I think that is out of the question. I would’ve looked like an asshole if I go to the bar with one girl I’ve just met, buy her a drink, then turn down buying a drink for her friend. That would’ve left a stinky vibe.

I don’t even really know where The Code comes from or why I follow it. What about the rest of you guys? Do you follow any rules? Are they the same as mine?

Post thoughts in the Comments thread as usual.

Posted by Edo @ 08:27 AM AST [Link] [8 comments]

Replies: 8 comments

Really? Goddamit.

Posted by Edo @ 10/13/2003 07:51 PM AST

cutesy will get you now where. we see right through it.

Posted by Angela @ 10/13/2003 07:04 PM AST

Dave, my plan is to relocate to Melbourne at the start of the year. I intend to go travelling up and down the east coast with Matt and he mentioned going to New Zealand so it might be happening but nothing is set in stone yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Posted by Edo @ 10/13/2003 06:30 AM AST

I believe that “THE CODE” is one of the chapters from the “UNWRITTEN RULE BOOK FOR MEN”. We all know that particular book. The one that has chapters dedicated to the issue of not dating a girl cause she went out with one of your mates even if she likes you, you like her and your mate is over her (or so he says) or the chapter that we all hate – the one that says you are not allowed go after your ex’s best mate…… Too many rules and all of them are there just to spoil our fun. I hate rules.

On a completely different note – Edo I know you are planning on leaving Perth sometime in the near future. Any chance that you might head over to NZ. Hopefully I will be heading there early next year.

Posted by David Stafford @ 10/13/2003 01:54 AM AST

Your own code of conduct will vary from others but the sort of thing you might find would be:

– If you can’t see her to her door after a night out, send a text message or call her afterwards to make sure she got home okay.

– If she calls, ask how her day was. Listen. It is appreciated.

– Even if she has a blimp ass, the correct answer is ‘no’ if she asks ‘do i look fat in this’.

– When you ask if she has a younger sister, say ‘please’ and ‘may I’.

Posted by Edo @ 10/12/2003 09:29 PM AST

educate me, what other parts are there to the code? or is it just like cutosey stuff

Posted by chris @ 10/12/2003 09:14 PM AST

THE CODE!! beware of the code!! dam women and there exploitation of it!

Matt is poor.


Posted by Matt @ 10/12/2003 04:21 PM AST

i’ll look out for you edo

Posted by chris @ 10/12/2003 08:52 AM AST

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