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The time has come

I woke up this morning and discovered a nice big pimple on my nose… why does that always happen??

School wasn’t too bad though. I moved out of the SHIP class (the kids were all 15!!) and in to a year 13 class. So now I am definitely cool. And I was befriended by a strangely woolly boy who was able to talk for hours about all the time we spent together in Physics class two years ago (?!)… I think he’s decided that I should win because he follows me everywhere.

I got my timetable and found out that they no longer have Spanish classes at school. Good news: I finish at 1:15 on Monday. Bad news: On Thursdays I have no free lessons then two hours of after school Drama rehearsals followed by three hours of Spanish classes in the city. Have therefore decided that Thursdays I will ritually die and reincarnate. Good news: I have a car which I have finally conquered! Bad news: Randomly, the waistband of my skirt comes well past my belly button. Is that allowed? I’m sure in the Sharon act of 1994 a law was passed in which teenage girls were not allowed to wear anything that restricted stomach flashing.

My head is spinning. Am too tired. Must eat. Goodbye.

Posted by Erin @ 03:26 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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“strangely woolly ” ?!

Posted by Edo @ 01/27/2004 11:44 PM AST

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