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We can’t go surfin’ because its twenty below

so. saturday night went well. Met Takeshi at the Mach Pelican show. he’s the guy who was looking for a bassist for a band he’s starting. Seems like a cool guy, and we have very similar tastes in music. and it looks like the band is going to be a crazy hybrid of a Ramones/Fifteen/Decendants sound. if you can imagine that. suits me just dandy. always wanted to be in a straight up pop/punk band. about fucking time too. we’re supposed to be having a jam this weekend. when i shall meet the singer and drummer.

We actually got to the show about an hour late, cause traffic was shithouse. so we missed the spazzys set. well, we heard the last song as we walked up the stairs to the club. (Was on the guestlist and all, i might add. ah, friends in moderately high places, gotta love ’em!) they sounded really tight…and the gear they were playing through was powerful, so it was a shame to miss them. The next band was from Japan and they were called Faceful. As they were setting up, it was just 3 typical Ramones-esque looking guys on stage. Looked like your typical pop-punk stuff. then as the guitarist struck the first chord…this awkward looking girl in a sparkly yellow suit and tie jumped on stage and the band proceeded to fully fucking rock out. punk rock, with emphasis on the rock. damn, japanese bands are good. i didn’t understand a fucking word she was singing about, but it made perfect sense out on the dancefloor. Then Mach Pelican came on. this was my second time seeing them play. this time it was much better. the fact that the clubs gear was awesome…and that the crowd was actually into them made it fan-fucking-tastic. Pop punk how it should be played. Ramones style. with a little screeching weasel thrown in for good measure, and expertly mixed to make their own sound. not that ass on the radio these days that tries to pass itself off as pop punk, when it’s just whiney emo arse with a sped up tempo.

speaking of which…i never understood why that crap became so popular. what i mean is…there is nothing wrong with emo, but i tend to find that that shit on the radio (New Found Glory/Jimmy Eat World etc) doesn’t seem to have a lot of feeling behind it. isn’t the whole point to it that it’s meant to be EMOtional. it’s not quite enough to just have lyrics about your girlfriend leaving you and scoring with the entire football team. you gotta sing like you mean it otherwise no one will, rightfully, give a shit. besides, there’s plenty of other things to get emotional about, not just insensitive girlfriends. plenty of bands that actually give twoshits and put a little feeling into what they’re singing about…Elliot, Lead (II) Nitrate, Weakerthans, Sludgeworth, Jets to Brazil and, of course, the almighty JAWBREAKER. i hate to sound like a wank here, but if you’re into that pop/emo stuff and haven’t heard of Jawbreaker, you probably have no right to any opinion on anything closely related to this kind of music. period. but that’s just me…

i may be a little behind the current music trends in the punk scene these days as i can no long afford to shell out $30 for a cd…but as far as i can see, that emo stuff is dying a little and room is being made for a resurgance of a more rock and roll type of punk, alla the Cramps. With bands like The Hives, The Strokes, The Supersuckers and then some. we’ll see how it goes. that stuff is all well and nice, but it bores the fuck outta me after a while. gimme three chords and some ‘woah oh oh’ s over that shite any day.

so there ya go…not only do you get your typical blog bullshit, but you got a show review and my opinions on the current state of the ‘punk’ scene. don’t say spy-mag doesn’t deliver. biatch.

Posted by Mike @ 08:26 PM AST [Link]

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Posted by Edo @ 08/28/2002 12:51 AM AST

damn straight! that word is a flaming beauuuuuttttyyy.

Posted by mike @ 08/27/2002 09:29 PM AST


Picked up the Australian slang pretty quick eh. I love that word.

Posted by Edo @ 08/27/2002 08:52 PM AST

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