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More From The Lovely Erin

I hate shopping. Yesterday I tried on about 50 million pares of togs and only bought some in the end because my brother had run away out of sheer boredom and my current pair are literally unwearable. The elastic is so far gone that they fall up an off and around and there is no way they would have withstood any kind of water sports.
So anyway, now I have a string bikini. Peach. And although they look a little scary on, after careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that it is me that is at fault and not the swimsuit.

And today I went knee boarding, a slightly painful but otherwise enjoyable experience. I managed to get up a couple of times but only for about five seconds at a time. I really hope that all those roomers about sewerage flow in to Lake Alexandrena aren’t true as I swallowed more than a mouthful of water.

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night lately. I go to bed early so that I can get in a good eight hours, hoping to rise early but I just start thinking about stuff and one thing leads to another and it’s two o’clock in the morning. And I don’t even know where the time goes. Anyway, last night I came to the realisation that I only have one week left before I have to go back to school. School school with uniforms and laced black shoes, power hungry teachers and signed notes to go to the toilet. Yay.

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