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Airlines, Formula One Hotel, Too Much Homework, Grandparents

Well I finally managed to arrive in Scotland where the weather is surprisingly nice and sunny.

Getting here was close to the most stressful time in my life, and i like to pride myself on not stressing. Anyways, my airplane left at 13:50, so i thought leaving Vlissingen at 8 for Brussels would be plenty of time especially with all the Spanish people leaving at the same time as me and their plane leaving only 40mins after mine. The train breaks down for just less than an hour, whoopeedo!…ok…we can still make it, then when we arrive in Brussels we still have to catch a bus to the airport. The Turkish bus driver was half an hour late…fuck!…and theres a traffic jam. In the bus i am wondering if i will make it and Africa and Roxana were assuring me i would.

We arrive to the airport half an hour before takeoff…some Spanish dude grabs my bag and runs into the airport…there may be a chance here!. Get in to the airport and the plane is delayed by half an hour. Woohoo!!…no problems now. I go to the desk..and she says go to the RyanAir desk. I go over there and the bitch tells me i can get on the plane, even though the plane is still there and not full, i cant get on as i didnt check in half an hour before scheduled takeoff. So after pleaing with the lady, she still wouldnt let me on. Even Roxana yelled at her, but that wasnt helping.

So i sit on my bag in this pissy little belgium airport where no one speaks English. I say bye to the Spanish people, that i will miss so much as i have lived with them practically for the last four months. I will miss them a lot…so now i am really fucking sad that everyone is gone especially Africa and Roxana and the bitch wont let me on the plane. Let me repeat that…shes a fucking bitch.

I go to the bitch and ask her what my options are…she tells me there is a later flight to Dublin and on to Aberdeen for 400 euro. Err No!….or i can catch the same flight tomorrow for a charge of 60 euro. Great, this is my only option right now, but what do I do for the next 24 hours.

I decide to stay at Formula One hotel down the road for 28 bucks/night. What a dive! Anyways, i go to this sleezeball place, at least i had my own room with a nice comfy double bed. At this point I am near depression i think, so i go out and take a walk to call my grandparents, parents, and a friend in Canada to get back to normal. My Dad says “Chin Up”…ok fair enough…thanks Dad. I wonder up to a net cafe and i cant use the computer as all the keys are messed up to custom French people. I attempted to have a chat conversation and couldnt as the A key was the Q key etc etc. Dian thought i was a retard.

Go back to formula one, eat some sandwiches and hit the sack.

Next day i sleep in for the taxi…make him wait half an hour for me to get ready. Go to the airport over 3 hours early to ensure i dont miss the flight after what happened the day before. I check in no problem..have to pay 30 bucks as my bag is 5kg over weight that is 15kg: Icing on the cake dont you think.

Then i see Carson, Sandra and Irene (two spanish girls) that were catching the flight the next day. That cheered me up. Weird!…i live at this airport it seems!

After that I successfully get on the flight and get to Glasgow…met a Canadian chick from up north British Columbia. Weird. Then I catch the train to Aberdeen…i got half price as i had a RyanAir ticket on the plane…finally the company does something nice for me. Read practically all of “Dude wheres my country” by Michael Moore. Great read….reccommended. May do a review when im done.

Arrive in Aberdeen, to getting picked up by the grandparents in a car and getting back to their place for a nice chicken and chips meal and a nice cuppa. Relax and chat for while. Meet my Cousin that i havent seen for years, organize to go out on Saturday night for some Scottish drinking. Should be good.

Ok this is too long as it is.

More later…peace.

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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