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My Saturday

So i turned down going out for a curry with Edo, Jen and Zara… instead i sat in a semi-unconcious state not only watching chelsea lose to bolton (bollocks!) but watching Man Utd beat on Man city. lets say i was not pleased.

[Rant] What is the deal with English Footballing cross-town derbys? there is NO violence, NO dirty tackles, NO crowd trouble, NO streakers and more importantly after the match they all shake hands and swap shirts!! this is a complete outrage!! Cross-town derbys are ment to reek of passion, blood and goor… watching Man Utd vs Man City last night was seriously disappointing! I refer you to the Catalan derby match between Barcelona and Espanyol last night. Now THAT was a derby… 6 red cards AND crowd trouble… now that football played with the heart, not the wallet.[/Rant]

ANYWAY, the reason for the night staying in has somewhat to do with the fact that the night before i slept for a maximum of 30mins in my friends car, after getting WAY too drunk for my own good… We were at Luke’s house to say goodbye to Ishan who was leaving for Adelaide the next day… mind you at around 9pm ishan had to go and pack (eh?). so we had an ishan fairwell party without him. at some point we all decided to head down to the trampoline and as is started to rain we (around 10 of us) crammed into a tiny little treehouse, and sung christmas carols. The landlady then proceeded to come and throw us out… some people have no christmas spirit.

I spent most of saturday sleeping and deciding whether i should throwup or go and get my stomach pumped… i chose the first choice, as i am poor and cannot afford a stomach pump.

Its around 11 days til christmas and i have only done a wee percentage of my shopping… why do chicks always seem to know what to get! Man sometimes it sucks to be a guy… i wish i had breasts.

Until next time your mission is to watch as many episodes of ‘Ducktails’ as humanly possible.


Posted by Matt @ 12:54 PM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

I am SO staying out of this one.

Posted by Edo @ 12/18/2003 10:55 AM AST

Fight, fight!

Posted by Dan @ 12/15/2003 04:28 PM AST

Never mind gettin the green and white ready! More like get ur Irn Bru and ur Rangers tops @ the ready! 😉

Posted by kirsty @ 12/15/2003 05:18 AM AST

That woman who comments before me said a dirty word. I dont think theres many of that type of supporter around here…

Away the bhoys, go the hoops! It’s a grand old team to play for! And low lie the fields of athenry…

2-1 to celtic.

the next old firm game is on the 3rd of Jan, so get your Irn-Bru and your green and whites ready…

Posted by Jen @ 12/15/2003 12:07 AM AST

Forget watching English matches! Turn your attention 2 us Scottish ppl! Watch an old firm game of Rangers v Celtic! U want crowd trouble, dirty tackles etc etc…then watch one of those games! Fantastic! Come on Rangers!! WOOHOO!! hehe <3

Posted by kirsty @ 12/14/2003 11:09 PM AST

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