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Mundane Midweek Musings

Bit of a quiet day today. I woke up around midday after spending last night going through the new Lord of the Rings DVD with a quick three hour chat with Jen in the middle to break it up.

I did manage to finally confirm my return to Brunei. 9th of December dudes. 20 days to go…

PLUGGAGE!! Jen, Chloe, Zara and friends are back at Heavenly Angels. Go say hi.

I have a recurring urge in November to do something different from my daily routine. Last year I got a tattoo-on-a-whim and this year, I’m going to pose nude for some photos on Friday. It should look pretty good since the girl who is taking the photos, TJ, is a damn good photographer. She does it professionally and everything. So she can use tricky lighting and stuff to make me look good. I’ll scan some and upload them eventually for Spy Mag’s female readership to evaluate (actually, maybe leaving a comments button is asking for trouble).

Australian Idol is decided tonight. Might have to start a thread on it in the forum after I see it.

Scotland vs. Holland tonight to decide who goes through in the European Championship qualifier. Go Scotland Go!

There’s a Penrith Panthers DVD out tomorrow. Groovy.

That’s about it, really.

Posted by Edo @ 07:00 PM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Go Scotland Go…I will probably be the only one saying this at the pub tonight.

Otherwise…Edo Nude!!…Jesus!..must have a lot of confidence

Posted by Pat @ 11/19/2003 08:15 PM AST

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