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No, I Have Not Left Yet

Obviously, i have not left yet.

This is because of other important matters, but whatever, i’m meeting up with the rest of my crew (i say that in a purely non ghetto way) tomorow in Manchester. I just booked my ticket. I’d just like to add that general anasthetic is awesome. It’s like being amazingly stoned. Or an intense bout of laughing gas (there was laughing gas going round at Drugs n Drum n Bass party) but it made everything tingly and purple.

Anyway, i seem to repeat myself each week about what i’ve done. All week, i was in set design doing up the final bits that i could, measured out the flooring, painted more flats, attacked an old flat with a huge hammer (that was fun) and made my usual coffee runs. And of course there was Halloween. Me, Mikie, James and Barry went to the bar for a ‘few’ drinks. Of course, this ended up in us getting pissed and deciding to go to the Halloween gig that was going on in Area. Anna met up with us alter, and we had a drunken picture taken outside Area of yet another rare occasion where the whole flat goes out together. Area was okay. I sobered up, and that’s never a good thing when you go there. I got a call from one of my doc crew at half one just to fill me in on the trip so far and i desperately tried my best to sound perfectly sober and not out at all when she rang. I think i may have succeeded. Got the usual 4am call from Rob. I watched the rest of Ring 2 (the Japanese version) at his house.

I did nothing on Saturday seeing as i had to get up excruciatingly early at half six. I haven’t had to get up at half six since i was at school! For lunch me and Louise went out to Pizza Hut, tried to shop but we were so tired from being up so early that we went home and crashed out in the living room with Malteasers and tea. I made everyone get fish and chips for dinner, so poor Louise took the car out yet again, and we drove everywhere looking for a place that awas open on a Sunday night. We went as far as Wembley (which isnt that far but just to get fish and chips its a damn mission) and ended up in Preston Road which is like three mintues away from where we live anyway. But at least i got a good dinner. Louise’s boyfriend Andy (who is also one of the bouncers for the bar and Area) admitted his addiction to Fanta. I added it to the list of everyone’s addictions. So far it reads like this:

Me: cigarettes
Louise: cigarettes and chocolate
Luan: E-bay
Alexis: coke
Stephane: haribo mix
Andy: Fanta orange

The interesting lives we lead eh? So tomorow, i have to sit on a train for like three hours only to get off the train, meet my crew, and pack the car up to drive for like another 3-4 hours to Cardiff. You may be wondering why dont i just meet them in Cardiff but then i’d have to batter you over the head. Its the effort in getting to them as soon as possible that counts. In my head anyway.

The strange thing about winter is that it makes you appreciate things like tea and hot chocolate, and dinner. In summer, they were the last things on your mind. I miss summer. It seems an age since i was happily frolicking away at the V Festival, lying on the grass outside Halls, doing all the things that i love about summer. And now…now i’m shivering and looking forward to stupid things like having a steak pastie for dinner. I probably have seasonal disorder. Me and Luan reckon we have this. Because winter really brings us down. Its silly isn’t it?

Boohbahs. If you haven’t heard of Boohbahs, go look them up. BOOHBAH!!

Posted by Angela @ 02:46 AM AST [Link] [1 Comment]

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Mmm…general anasthetic.

Seems ridiculous that you have to search for fish and chips on a Sunday night. It’s friggin’ London!!

Posted by Edo @ 11/04/2003 07:33 AM AST

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