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Right Index Finger Memorial Blog

In commemoration of Pat’s friend who lost his index finger, I’d like all the readers to have a moments reflection about how precious their index finger is, the next time they:

– Change channel
– Scratch their butt
– Use a computer
– Finger a chick
– Do the ‘pull my finger’ joke (though in hindsight, if they let you keep the severed finger, that could turn in to an excellent new party gag)

Pat also neglected to mention that in his little Canadian town:

– Daro broke his nose on a trampoline by smashing it out of place with his knee. He then punched it back in to place.
– His drug dealer punctured his lung with his rib and is in a coma.

All this as well as the afore mentioned friend being robbed in the gas station AND his other buddy having his index finger chainsawed clean off. I’m not sure if I want to go to Canada now. It sounds a bit much.

I met this girl Debra from North Carolina in film class today. She’s hot and she’s staying in the country for 3 months. And despite Pat egging me on, I don’t want a long distance relationship with someone in North Carolina. Maybe Rod’s interested.

Met up with Zhen for lunch. You remember. The young Russian. She’s 17 and if she gets busted with her fake id, she gets her white Russkie ass kicked out of the country. So every Saturday, she risks deportation to Siberia (where she used to live). While I was talking to her, this seagull pooed on our table. It made for an interesting conversation piece

Zhen: my mom flipped out when i bought 140 dollar jeans
Me: seagull poo, baby.

Mike’s Comic rant and my Michael Jackson rant are both up. Dawsons Creek returns tonight.

No classes Friday. Weekend’s here!!

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