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Dedicated to that special someone

Having no assignment due the following morning is an unusual feeling.

Friday was pretty interesting. Took three hours to hand in my assignment because the lady at Curtin Print and Design wanted to charge 14 dollars for 3 colour pages. So I wandered around campus until I could find it cheaper somewhere else. For three hours. There is NO WAY I am paying 14 dollars for 3 pages.

Met up with Dan and went home around 3. Watched Airwolf. Did I mention how much I love Airwolf? I love Airwolf.

Decided to be really stupid in the evening and do Jackass-style stunts like Kolitha speartackling me while I was doing a handstand. We recorded it on the Eyetoy but had no room on the memory card to save anything. I threw a rugby ball that hit Dan square in the nuts and made him drop the camera. Pity we didn’t save that, it would’ve been sweet.

Rented out some Monty Python that night. Kolitha was feeling particularly keen on totally unwinding so he set up some buckets. The night was all good after that.

Best part of the night was Jen calling. She was completely drunk in Brisbane and was going out to a friend’s birthday bash at a club. She was stressing because of an exam the following morning. I talked to her on the phone as she left her apartment, walked through inner city Brisbane, sat outside the club she was supposed to go to, watch a fight go down, then decide to go back home, and then talked to her the whole walk back and longer still when she got back to her room.

She ended up blowing ALL of her credit on me. The deal is that we are on the Optus phone network so we can talk to each other for the first ten minutes for 10 cents. Only neither of us were in a particularly right state of mind so we ended up talking for about half an hour at a time and then saying ‘yeah thats probably been about ten minutes’ and then hanging up and calling again. For 3 hours. She blew 30 dollars of credit on me. It was pretty funny when she realised. I called her for a while longer and then went online. To talk to her on MSN.

Saturday was pretty messed. Spent too long arguing what to have for lunch and spent a good few hours waiting for Sujin to call about Curry Night. In the end I called him and he told me it was off so I just went to sleep. I missed all the good rugby games that were on that day (and there were loads of them). Went out at night but it wasn’t nearly as good a night as it should’ve been.

The Halloween theme seemed to scare everyone in to not updating.

Should have a good idea by tomorrow what my booking plan for coming home to Brunei is.

Here’s a snippet of info off when The White Stripes were touring Australia:
“On the last White Stripes tour, Meg blocked the bog on the bus with a turd. The driver had to dig it out.”

Hello Melissa if you’re reading this.

I assume Angela is on her big road trip now. I’m sure we’ll hear some good stories from that one. She starts in Aberdeen I think.

I’m digging the new Outkast album. Anyone else got it?

Nice to hear from Sam in the forum.

This link is specially for Faten.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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