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Notes from Perth

Every now and then we actually have some good news.

It looks like we won’t be moving servers after all. Just paying a nominal fee to our host is all. That saves me moving and sorting through a million files in the cluttered mess that is our server space.

Things have been pretty quiet in the blog section recently. In case you missed it, Dan was being moody and Matt noticed Dan was being moody.

So let me regail you with news of how my week went!! My second week of university wrapped up with me still not having to do any actual work. For film class I have to produce an advertisement for Men’s Beauty Products. This is quite hard. I originally switched classes because the first class I was put in had too many ugly and poorly dressed people. All I had to do was lie and say my time-table clashed and I was in the clear. My new class is much better.

My multimedia design class is headed up by a woman who looks like Tori Amos. She broke down this week and told us the course was worthless and that it will probably be closed in a couple of semesters. I’m not looking forward to 13 more weeks with this depressing woman.

World wide epidemic of runny shits?

My flatmate was busting this morning and I deliberately had a nice slow shower to piss him off (only 1 bathroom in the house). Course I didn’t know he ACTUALLY had a turtle head sticking out and was touching cloth. I thought it was pretty funny since he must have unleashed something awful on the toilet and we had no toilet paper left.

Talked to Justin and he showed me his post on 2/3 thirds of it describes poo exploding out of his buttocks.

Finally, Polly was on a detox plan. This means she is trying to clear out her bowels by only eating string beans and pumpkin seeds for two weeks and drinking water. Basically, this means she’s shitting barrels during the 2 weeks and for some reason she called to tell me about it.

Thats too much poo for one day.

Ok, this was supposed to be the dramatic new blog entry that marked a return to form for this page. Instead I talk about crap.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

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