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Holy Shit, Won’t You Look At That

I just found a sexy email that told me my password for this when I got given it like 2 years a go, and it still works. Wow I feel like a terrorist or something.

I feel like a fridge full of arseholes right now. Went out to a crappy club last night and decided sambuca was the drink that I should be drinking and if I should be drinking it then I should be drinking lots of it, so I did. I woke up this morning and thought suicide was the only option. If anyone hasn’t had the pleasure of this drink then you’ll have to try it, it hurts you.

Tonight I’m supposed to be going on a house night out to a gay bar, a very sketchy one. I’ve decided to duck out of this adventure due to the act that we’ll probably just end up insulting EVERYONE in the club and get knifed and buggered, which I’m not really up for tonight.

My uni course sucks a considerable amount of balls. I’m doing a drama course and the first words of my first lecture were “From this moment on, you people must forget about story, theatre here is not about story”, To which I thought “gay”. I like the story aspect in theatre, infact the story aspect is my favourite part, INFACT that’s the whole fucking reason i’m doing theatre bloody studies. The last thing that lecturer did as a performance was sit in the middle of Chester covered in honey eating a bag of flower, to which he said “you probably think i’m crazy, but I had reason to do it which justified it”, to which I thought “prick”.

So yeah, I think a change is in the cards.

I’m off now to smoke some crack. Later Maters!

Posted by Tom @ 12:11 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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Posted by Matt @ 10/12/2003 04:07 PM AST

Fun Spy Mag Fact: Both Annie Bandial and Erin Wallis also have accounts to blog and have posted before, years ago.

Posted by Edo @ 10/12/2003 07:34 AM AST

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