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Foreign…me…apparently so

Ok, heres my little rant. Bear with me.

Since i was eight years old i have lived in a foriegn country to my homeland being England. These countries include Cypress, Brunei, Canada, and Holland, but because of that i am now foriegn everywhere i like to call home whether this be Canada or England. In Canada they say i sound English and in England they say i sound American, and here in Holland they just think i speak good English but not Canadian. So what am I…just a mutt!

I believe all this travelling has done me good in the long run but i cant really say anywhere is my home. Where my parents live i guess to be home but they live in Vernon, where they have lived for only three years. Or is it London where i was born. So is this the new age to just move around and travel, this is what those people envy who live in the same town their whole lives….i guess so.

So i think about the benefits of it all, what have i gained from all this multicultural experience in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania. Well i think i can definetly relate to foreign cultures a lot easier than the average person. I am a lot less ignorant to the world than most and i guess this is why i am studying international business without even thinking about the main reason for it. I have seen most of the world, but my Dad has seen more, so maybe its just in the family…you know what i dont even know the reason why i have to kept on moving around. Maybe i am just addicted to change because i get tired of things easy. That would explain why i havent really held a job for longer than three months before i quit or get de-motivated. I have attended about nine schools in my academic career where at one point there being four different schools in four years after ISB. Now this January, i am on the road to London most likely. Why?, i dont know…for fun, for money, for work, for the people, for the fact its where this all started: my birth city.

Lifes a rollarcoaster…loving every second of it

Rant finished. Just felt like getting that out, if any of you that have similar situations feel anything like this…post in the comments section.

Posted by Pat @ 08:48 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

We’re all homeless 🙁

Posted by Edo @ 10/10/2003 11:49 AM AST

is it possible to have two homes?

cuz i agree that home is also the place where the people u love live but…i love people here AND there! the mind boggles!

i say…lets be greedy. Lets claim both countries as our own. Heh.

Posted by angie @ 10/09/2003 10:27 PM AST

i have to reiterate what you guys are saying.

Brunei is my home, but that fact that i am not bruneian makes me unsure whether it really is my home. I am italian/english but (like Pat) when i go to italy i am known as english and vice versa when i go to england.

However, i am not to bothered anymore… i agree with the idea of home being where a place where the people you love live, whether it be your friends or your family.

Its weird but as angie said… you guys are the only people that can understand the same feeling.


Posted by Matt @ 10/09/2003 09:42 AM AST

cuz we’ve moved around so much and all, i dont think any of us will ever really feel settled. I think we’ve gotten too used to that feeling that our situations are never permanent. And another reason why i’m pretty happy here, is cuz i feel like i’ve got control over where i go rather than relying on daddy’s contract. Liek no one’s going to take me away from my friends here, or life as i’ve made it here. its weird, but i guess only you guys could relate to that.

Posted by angela @ 10/09/2003 02:20 AM AST

melbourne is cool. gets kinda cold. but it summer it’s really nice. i guess brunwi will always be my home cause i grew up there.

Posted by mike @ 10/08/2003 05:32 PM AST

You lived in Cyrpuss?

I think most anyone who lived in Brunei knows how you feel about not belonging anywhere and having no where to call home. I long gave up calling anywhere home. It used to be Brunei but I haven’t lived there for nearly six years now and it seems quite a different place from when I left it.

And Perth felt like home for a while but Dave left, Polly might be leaving soon and Kolitha is definitely leaving so I think it may be time to move on myself.

I like the idea of Melbourne.

Posted by Edo @ 10/08/2003 09:35 AM AST

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