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Random notes so far this week: (expect this post to be very disjointed)

– I just read that… well i’ll let you read it:

Several major music chain stores have informed Fat Wreck they will not sell Anti-Flag’s new record, “The Terror State” due to the artwork. Here is an official statement on the matter.
“We find this frustrating in that the image of the little girl whose childhood falls casualty to the current state of militarism in the US and much of the world, isn’t any more violent or disturbing than the world-wide epidemic of militarism which kills and oppresses countless human beings everyday – and yet we do not see these chains censoring media that promote militaristic ideas. That said, we made a calculated decision to forgo the artwork to get the more important, subversive message in our music to the ears of people who have not yet discovered that there is an alternative to purchasing music in a chain store, or do not have access to an indie store in their area.” (credit goes to …. the album frontcover can be found here

In other news i was reading today, i came across this article… crazy stuff… i mean those guys were the bomb! poor bastard.

I also read today of rumours that pop singer Pink going out with Lars Fredrikson of Rancid… i have no comment on this.

California Governor elections today! (w00t!)

Pat, we should meet up and play golf, smoke and drink… man, what a quality day.

am i jimmy ray? who wants to know?


Posted by Matt @ 07:07 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

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Chris: yea, aparently she was/is dating Corey Hart.. however, she was walking around holding Lars’ hand calling him ‘baby’ and shit.. i also read that Lars told someone that his new girlfriend was a tom-boy… so naturally the press puts two and two together.

Posted by Matt @ 10/09/2003 09:53 AM AST

Golf…tell me the time and place…and i’ll be there

Posted by Pat @ 10/08/2003 08:05 PM AST


Posted by chris @ 10/08/2003 05:20 PM AST

i think that the cover is minor really but i agree with edo. i bat roy won’t want to see the tiger again. Pink is or at least was dating Corey Hart the MotoX dude

Posted by chris @ 10/08/2003 05:20 PM AST

Okay, I looked at the cover and I don’t really see the big deal but since there is a pretty strong republican sentiment in the States I can understand a dude who owns a music store not wanting to piss off over half his customers. Shame, really.

As for Roy, isn’t that a weird case of life imitating art? I remember they did the ‘tiger attacking’ gag in The Simpsons when they are in Vegas. When I read a report about it, it said the tiger grabbed him by the neck and dragged him off stage and the audience just thought it was part of the act and applauded.

Posted by Edo @ 10/08/2003 09:26 AM AST

Matt, that was a terrible post… i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

Posted by Matt @ 10/07/2003 07:10 PM AST

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