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Hey guys, shitty to see spy-mag was down, but glad again to see it up and going again. Thanks JT.

I am still here in Southern Holland and i have met some interesting people including about three or four hot hot Spanish Women that love to smoke pot. What a great mix eh. And some German people that like to party, pretty average but at least they speak English.

The Dutch I find are quite snobby as a race of people so i dont really care or meet many of them despite living in Holland. Most the school is Chinese anyways. But i must admit the dutch have great looking women.

A couple of my friends are going to Mallorca on Wednesday, I opted not to go as i am going to Turkey and/or Greece in two weeks to lie on the beach and mellow out after my hard month of school….not.

This weekend was pretty nuts….on Saturday i went on a ferry to this Dutch town that apparantely the Canadians Liberalized and there was a memorial dedicated to Canadians. Pretty random…then we walked around for a bit and went home. Then that night i went to another one of these crazy dutch night clubs…got home at six just drunk with my ears ringing from the intensly loud music. But all and all a good night.

OK anyways, i have some gay ass accounting class now. So all for now.


Posted by Pat @ 06:58 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

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i agree with dave… the english are snobby. (i cant wait to hear sam have a go at me for saying that, just like old times!)

Posted by Matt @ 10/08/2003 08:28 AM AST

Jack was a nice friendly guy who we suspected had homosexual tendancies but just did not know it.After a few weeks in Indonesia he came back a complete psychopath. He went for me one evening with a carving knife over a dispute with a cd player. I believe while away he was forcefully introduced to a gay lifestyle (if you know what I mean?) and this led to weeks of constipation.

In general Pat I dont think that the dutch are more snobby then anyone else. I lived in Holland for a while myself and have met numerous Dutch in hostels around the world and I find the English to be more snobby. I completely agree with you about the dutch women – they are amazing

Posted by Dave Stafford @ 10/08/2003 12:19 AM AST

isnt “nuts” the best way of describing something? i seriously love that word (in a non-homo way).

“That sounds nuts”


Posted by Matt @ 10/07/2003 09:49 AM AST

True story: I knew this Dutch couple when I lived next door to a backpackers when I first came to Perth. Jack and Michelle.

They went away to Indonesia for a couple of weeks and when they came Jack told us he was constipated and hadn’t crapped for weeks. He went to the bathroom and she went with him and sat next to him and patted him on his shoulder and encouraged him. He finally managed to poop and he wanted to show it to everyone.

He was also a complete asshole. If Dave Stafford is around to read this, I’m sure he call tell you all about it.

Posted by Edo @ 10/06/2003 10:47 PM AST

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