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Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door

ok ok… inside joke for the title of the post.

My first week back living in brunei after 2 years of absence has ended… How have the mystic wonders of Brunei been keeping me busy this week?

I’ve been in touch with an old school friend of mine, my friend Asad. yep you read it right… I have a friend!! man i’m excited, but i must remember to play it cool or he’ll realize i’ve become some sad depressed little man. I’ve also managed to get my shit together and have organised my intial swimming pool dives with a scubadive instructor. i will be taking these over the weekend and then having to do some shitty time consuming exam in which i have to get 80% to pass. 80%!! i didnt get that in any of my A-levels! That was the one bonus i had going on this gap year… no exams. well aint that a kick in the pants. ass.

My good friend Championship manager has been keeping me busy all this week, only trouble is i lost all my other versions of the game, only one i can find was the 1999/2000 season… so as you can imagine getting Norwich City promoted is about as likely as Sam winning the Spy-magazine fantasy league (ho ho!). speaking of which, where is Sam? is he still around or did he go on to be a rock star?

I was in gadong the other day something shocked the pants off me. they are now selling DVDs for $8.. price inflation or what! i mean $8 for a dvd! thats crazy expensive… i must find an even more corrupt country that can give me my movie fixation for the price of some chicken rice.


Posted by Matt @ 06:05 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

I am beating you matt. You big lesbian

Posted by Sam @ 08/31/2003 10:12 AM AST

Matt, the system with DVDs is:

$5 – barebones DVD
$8 – extra features included like commentary and stuff

Posted by Edo @ 08/28/2003 12:20 AM AST

Anyone actually check out Faten’s site? There’s this whole story where she’s been in to some guy for a year and he’s finally about to tell her if he wants to be with her or not.

It’s like the season finale to a high school drama show.

Good stuff.

Posted by Edo @ 08/27/2003 10:24 PM AST

this is my first time here…and cheeses, why the hell did you come back to brunei for?! (apart from the bootleg vcds :P) bored yet?

Posted by faten @ 08/27/2003 08:34 PM AST

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