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She’s Ohio Today

Fnally finished moving! woohoo! new house is sweet. have so much room that we’re not sure what to do with it. though have my own ‘studio’ room now. so i can record away to my hearts content without being able to hear the clips of Rove Live coming through on all tracks now. i would take a picture and post it for all to see but i don’t think we can add pictures to these entries. too bad for you.

work has also improved dramatically in the last week. i am now no longer doing outbound telstra customer service. they have shifted me onto inbound MediBank Private customer service. which means, sitting about for hours on end when there are no calls and working regular hours (9am-5pm) like real folks. also i’m in the middle of 2 weeks of training. which is great. i get paid to learn. speaking of pay. as of next thrusday my rates will increase to $19.50/Hr. fucking sweet as. that’s a whole three dollars extra. which may not seem like a lot but in a month that’s $3000. which translates into a shitload of comic books.

so yeah. i’m pretty content with my life right now. finally got my sound card too. and it sounds oh so nice. now just have to hurry jassa’s ass over here so we can finish this little EP we’re putting together. oh. and for those that read the review edo did of capture the moment you can purchase a copy directly from me. just drop me a line at they’re only $10 you know. that’s less than the price of a weekly tram ticket here in melbourne. or 2 mc donalds meals. or a set of new guitar strings. and definately much cheaper (and better, i’ll add) than the new Rancid album.

i sleep now.

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Thats great man. I don’t know how the cost of living in Perth is comparable to Melbourne but 3 grand a month would be SWEET.

Posted by Edo @ 08/28/2003 12:15 AM AST

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