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I Wanna Tie You To A Post, Make You Tea and Toast

It has been decided. by me. that the Mr. T Experience are the 3rd greatest pop punk band ever. only slightly behind Sicko and the ever mighty Ramones. I am so digging this band right now. they make sesame street covers cool. fuckdammit. it’s like every song they write is totally grooving. i want to praise them like i should. i hope they put out a new album soon. i will buy it. and rave about it here.

for those that care. work started last tuesday. well. we started training. and i got paid to learn stuff. so that kept me happy. but there is so much god damn stuff i have to know about Telstra homeline products. jesus. tomorrow is the first real work day. we’ll see how i go. and soon i will have that flaming carrot statue. he wears flippers because he might need to use them one day. oh yes.

i didn’t go to the US Bombs show on saturday. i’m regretting it now. but i was just too tired. oh well. Goldfinger in a few weeks. and then. wait for it. DROPKICK MURPHYS. oh yes. sweet baby jesus that one is gonna be good. brag. brag. brag.

hi tom. nice to see you posting. i like your hat.

my band is coming along pretty nicely. no drummer yet. but we got three songs. no name either. though i want to call it “Takeshi & the Wonder Boys”. lemme know what you think of that.

slowly getting through Neil Gaimans Sandman. by slowly i mean whenever i can get my hands on a cheap TPB on ebay. anyways. its no wonder people go on about how good it is. it’s pretty fucking classic stuff. especially for the eighties and all the crap comics that were out at the time. though vertigo had a decent amount of stuff then. bah. vertigo is generally always good.

im going to sit here now and stare blankly at my screen listening to the Mr. T Experience until the Osbornes are on.

Posted by Mike @ 07:04 PM AST [Link]

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yes, the deviates played here a few weeks back. very good band. lots of fun.

Edo, yes. i am trying to push that name. to no avail still but i’ll keep trying. and next time i’ll bring up the sandra jones experience. heh


Posted by -mike- @ 09/17/2002 06:30 AM AST

I love the way the computer generation has single handedly created a new word in “duder”, a simple typo becomes a common word.

I saw the deviates last friday. Does anyone else know who they are? They were cool. very good.

Oh, and I saw the mighty “RAD”…they were really cool too, their drummer was really funny.

Posted by Sam @ 09/17/2002 03:27 AM AST

good band name duder. or go with The Sandra Jones Experience. Either way…

Posted by Edo @ 09/17/2002 03:00 AM AST

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