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Keep On Track

Okay, today was a good day.

It didn’t really start like that. I was woken up at 8 in the morning as one of our talents dropped out for a morning shoot for my corporate documentary. So when Dan and my flatmate woke up, I’m sure they must’ve wondered where the hell I went to. And since Dan’s phone MELTED and my flatmate never picks up his stupid phone, I had no way of calling and telling them where I was.

The shoot went well. I had to play the role of Man Crossing Train Tracks Looking Both Ways. Our main talent Carolyn Bertram From Channel Nine News was a total badass saying all the lines in that perfect news presenter voice. It’s weird since they were working from my script and she kept asking me in she had the right tone and intonation like I actually knew what the hell I was doing or that I would have the balls to tell a woman with 10 years of broadcast journalism experience how to do her job.

Unfortunately though, we had to do the shoot in friggin’ Midlands, which is about 40 minutes out from the city. It is a barren shitty little town that has like two cafes, a pub and a bank. It has such a small country town feel to it. It’s like the 90s never happened. There is no sign of technology more advanced than the Walkman and everyone has bad haircuts and even worse clothes. I went with two of the girls to the pub when we had an hour to kill between locations. There were two fat hairy bar flies inside watching the AFL and in the time we were there, the jukebox graced us with the songs ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ and ‘Working Class Man’. These people reeked of redneck stereotypes.

On our way home, Sarah told me she had been offered a job by the Truck Drivers Association to produce a corporate video for them and she wanted me in on it. I was so chuffed. Me! An actual job! Where I get paid. I was about to try and manouvre myself in to a well-paying position like editor or something when she suggested I be the director. Oh man, I hope this turns out and we get to make this video. It would be actual work experience, we’d bank some good money and I’d have the best role of all! So me and Sarah are pushing hard to get this to happen. Fingers crossed!

I’ve been too busy the last couple of days to weigh myself. I think this speaks volumes about the stupid amount of schoolwork I have at the moment. I have no time to WEIGH MYSELF.

Man oh man. I just got home and I read about the matches they put on the Shawn Michaels DVD and the Rey Mysterio DVD. Simply awesome.

Picked up some comics at last. Man it’s awesome seeing Ultimate Spider-man return to form. Unfortunately, I’m a little iffy about the current arc in Amazing Spider-man which has this green zombie pasted together from 13 dead Italians from the 1960s. Yeah, its not much better than it sounds.

Who woulda thunk it? Marilyn Manson back at #1 on the Billboards. And yes, I really like the song MOBscene. It reminds me of the movie Bring It On. This is all good.

I picked up the original King Kong movie on VHS for six bucks. Will watch tonight.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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Shit. So that’s where you were.

Posted by Dan @ 05/25/2003 04:53 AM AST

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