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Excuse me, have you seen my monkey?

phew. what a crazy few weeks it’s been. i’ve not been this tired in a long time. what have i been up too you ask, let’s see… i’ve been to 3 shows in two weeks (the ataris and the groovie ghoulies x2). i’ve recorded 8 songs, i’ve worked close to 10 hour shifts, i’ve eaten way too much fucking cheesecake, read some fantastic comics (Alias #27 & Sleeper #9 to name but a few), caught up with some people i haven’t seen in ages (jess & ewan), and had stupid ammounts of fun with jassa, josh and erin. just only wished it all lasted a little longer. and hey. i broke my famous person meeting virginity. sweet. that’s right boys and girls! i had the balls to talk to roach, kepi and scampi of the groovie ghoulies (although it took me until their second show). they didn’t make it difficult though, they just stood around before and after the show talking to people. not like that rockstar fucker Kris Roe from the ataris (but that’s a story for another day). had a nice chat with kepi about the new squirtgun record. even he doesn’t know where is backup vocals are on “Make it Wreck”. heh. got a record signed by the lot of them, and roach gave me $5 off a t-shirt. not to mention the band dedicated a song to me. i am such a ghoulie whore.

recording with jassa went well! we planned to do 3 songs and ended up with 8. rock. 5 are acoustic tracks but they’re pretty fucking awesome. they’ll be posted on soon. one song is about scampi. the ghoulies drummer. gosh darn she’s pretty. and she plays the drums like a demon too. you know. like we get a fuckload of hits a month on this site. and i’m sure one of our regular readers must be a record producer, or at the very least filthy rich. so like, give jassa lots of money so he can make his music widely accessible cause this shit has to be heard. i mean, fuck. edo liked the record. and even if you guys don’t like me or trust my opinion, everyone knows edo is right, right?

looks like plans are going to be go for brunei. should be fun. the missus is coming for a week or so as well. i’m going to drink so much ice milo it’s not even funny. and man. DO YOU WANT SOME CHICKEN? yes, yes i do.

Posted by Mike @ 05:20 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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shit…what else is there to sing about?

Man, that Arrested in Shanghai has one of the silliest and unintentionally hilarious lines ever. ‘Crack open the cranium and let awareness begin’ my ass. I say that now as a running gag with my buddies.

Dude: This class is really hard.
Me: Crack open your cranium and let awareness begin.

Posted by Edo @ 10/06/2003 10:50 PM AST

don’t get me wrong, the ataris show was fun and all…but we hung around the back of the club to give Kris copies of Jassa’s cds and the dickhead just jumped in the back of a van a drove off. this from a guy who apparenly hangs out with the fans after EVERY show. bah. rockstar.

jassa’s new stuff is fucking genius. and the 3 songs that have anything more than guitar are, for once, not about girls! woo! some of the best stuff he’s ever written.

would be cool about Pinchhit, i mean, even if they just give feedback and stuff…any attention is good attention as far as i’m concerned.

brunei will rock. oh yes. it will rock.

Posted by mike @ 10/06/2003 08:46 PM AST

I got a crap vibe from Kris too. He so obviously didn’t want to be in Perth.

Looking forward to hearing Jassa’s new material.

Mike, if you like, I can get you in touch with the lady from Pinchhit Records. I’m not sure what their policy on signing people up is, but it could be worth a shot.

I too have bought a shitload of comics. Some reviews will be forthcoming (pretty much once I know for sure that updating on the main page is back to normal).

And I can’t wait for Brunei. The chicken, the milo, Tiger beer, cheap everything, tropical weather, seeing old friends and yes, revisiting THAT Kids of Widney High song while we’re completely wasted.


Posted by Edo @ 10/06/2003 01:49 AM AST

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