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I was thinking that next to everyone’s picture of the right of this blog site, there should be written below it, their name and where they live to show the internationalization of this site…or something to that effect.

The forum here is fairly interesting:
I highly reccommend reading the stuff written in that.

Man, i have a business diploma and work at a bath tub plant…somethings wrong there….after my degree i better be able to get at least a half decent job payign $40,000/yr.

Fuck, i have to go to work now. Theres some guy from Wales at work, i swear hes crazy…are most Welsh people crazy?…he was telling me a story:

Welshman: Hey Pat, when i was in Edmonton I took a taxi home from the bar…i was so drunk
Me: Ok, so….
Welshman: The east indian taxi driver wouldnt drive me anywhere though, what an asshole
Me: Why not?
Welshman: So i got out of the taxi and opened up the drivers side and started feeding him headshots…fuck i was kicking his ass good.
Me: Jesus!
Welshman: Then he bit me and wouldnt let go…i kept punching me and he took out a piece of my side with his mouth…i was bleeding everywhere…but i managed to kick the shit outta him…hahahahahha!
Me: Well….good story welshman

Like seriously…who does that?

Posted by Pat @ 09:12 AM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

I remember Alison’s dad. In what way was he scary?

Posted by Edo @ 05/23/2003 01:57 PM AST

John Hartson and Mark Hughes are Welsh…they are pretty scary

Posted by Pat @ 05/23/2003 08:32 AM AST

half welsh… her scary ass dad is.

Posted by Matt @ 05/23/2003 02:08 AM AST

hey edo…isn’t alison welsh?

Posted by Dee @ 05/22/2003 09:47 PM AST

Well, i learned that the term Indian means native american, so east indian i guess means people from india that is east of canada

Posted by Pat @ 05/22/2003 07:47 AM AST

Personally, I have never really talked to a Welsh person. I have to ask though. Whats the story in Canada with ‘East Indians’? Are they Indians as in, from India? Or do they mean Native American? And why are there only East Indians and no West Indians?

Posted by Edo @ 05/22/2003 01:27 AM AST

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