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A Season With Verona

Now that I’ve finished off Stephen King’s Under the Dome I’m now going to head in a completely different direction for my next book.  Next up is Tim Park’s football journal A Season With Verona which details the British author’s experience of spending a season following the club Hellas Verona and its supporters.

I can’t say I know much about the club or the author but my understanding is that book explores football culture in Italy as well as providing insights into the country itself.  This one came as a recommendation from Newkie.  I think its a good time to read a book like this as we’re kicking off football season.  In fact, by a stroke of good fortune, I managed to secure a couple of box tickets to the Brisbane Roar game tonight at Suncorp.

A Season With Verona: Travels Around Italy in Search of Illusion, National Character and Goals

Enjoy your weekend everyone and good luck to whichever team you support.

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  1. I’ve read this book.. Super enjoyed it. Its a charming and hilarious insight into just how bonkers, yet loveable, the Italian people can be.

  2. Agreed there Matt, one of the hidden gems about Italian football.

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