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Stud Muffins

i stayed in bed for ages today, and no showed at uni. It was one of those days where u just couldnt be bothered. It was pouring with rain, i was in a foul mood, i couldnt decide whether these past couple of weeks have been good or not, and i just wanted to hide under my duvet like i used to when i was little.

Last night was a pain in the arse, because my flatmate Barry brought home a couple of mates all pissed up and caused a massive scene all day. It was funny seeing them playing football with the fat kid next door, tainting his little 10 year old mind with beer and debauchery. My boyfriend showed up with half his head shaved off. It was his 21st on saturday night, and after he passed out and got thrown into a cab, his mates thought they’d shave it off as a little birthday reminder. Man, boys are stupid. I had a good time tho, even after he got carried away. We danced like idiots, and i had beer spilt on my head as well as my shoes. Again, boys are stupid.

Last Skool Disco for this term was on Friday. It was alrite, although i had a fight with Rob (the boyfriend) who doesnt remember a thing about it. See..the reason i cant decide whether it’s been a good week is because i just cannot understand the guy sometimes. One minute he’s lovely, and the next…he’s a total wanker. I blame alcohol. I phoned John earlier, cuz i was feeling low and homesick. Its good that we can still talk on that level, cuz even tho we arent together at least theres someone out there who knows what makes you tick, and knows what to do to make you feel better. My best mate Anna has booked her tickets to Brunei, and i’m really looking forward to summer now. SEAFOOD AND BARBEQUES BABY!!!!!

Its my May Ball next week. I dont have a dress.

Give me a beautiful, sexy dress….please?

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