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If you like pina coladas

My eyes are hurting. I had a mini breakdown yesterday when i thought my laptop had died for no reason and i had lost lots of work. Turns out i had only forgotten to plug it into the electricity socket and the battery had just run down. Oops. Three hours of panic for nothing!

I have three weeks left to my deadline. *Cue Rocky theme music* I can do it baby!! Failure is not an option!

I’m glad Spring is finally here. She took her own sweet time getting here. The sun is out, the sky is blue, it just makes everything so much better. When the sun is out people sit outside with their shades and someone like Ike brings out the ghettoblaster, and people just bop and chill. Too bad i spend the majority of it indoors now typing away like a useless moron. I’m bigging up Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I met my sisters on tuesday and we ended up in Harrods looking at sausage dog puppies and buying krispy kremes. I got a free box of 12 because Andre the man behind the counter wanted to spread his chocolate love. I love people here sometimes. Crazy is good.

On the way here i spotted Mikie’s blonde little head bobbing up and down the grass slope, so i got sidetracked and chatted with Owen and them for a bit. The sun beings out the good in everyone. Well sort of. Last night, i watched a lady get run over outside our flat. Well, not the actual smooshing part, but i watched while the ambulances arrived and the police came and all that. She wasn’t dead or anything because her legs and her arms moved about. Being in pain is better than being smooshed flat.

I also ended up watching football on my own last night. ON MY OWN. whatthefuck. I watched Arsenal thrash Leeds 5-0. Pires and Henry scored. Henry man of the match (scored 4 out of the five) He has the va va voom. This is what being surrounded by football does to you. The boys i live with watch football, they bring their friends over to watch football cuz we have Sky, my boyfriend digs football, he’s on the football team, his housemates are on the football team. I’m surrounded 24/7 by the damn game. I’m surprised i dont wake up in the middle of the night humming Grandstand.

The girls are getting a pool delivered on sunday. It’s like 12 foot, but still. We’re going to have a pimpin garden this summer. Me and Louise are self appointed lifeguards, seeing as we’re the best swimmers. Hah, brushing dirt off my shoulder.

We’re meant to go to Junction tomorow. I hope so. I’m turning into some kind of hermit crab. I yearn to be a social whore again. Social whooooooooooore.

I’m going into town now.

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