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Lego Modular Series: Fire Brigade 10197

On the Easter Weekend we built the Lego Fire Brigade for Sarah’s birthday.

I’ve had my eye on Lego’s modular series of buildings for some time.  They’ve done a range including a green grocer, a pet store, a cafe, a hotel and a town hall.  The Fire Brigade is about a year old and is 2,231 pieces.

Happily, I can say the Fire Brigade was a really enjoyable build.  Often with larger Lego sets you often get a lot of repetition.  The Fire Brigade has a very detailed and intricate design which meant there was little repetition and plenty of neat little touches.  The model includes a ping pong table, a kitchen, couch, fridge, fireman’s pole, a ladder, an attic, pet dogs, a bell, a fire engine and a bunch of minifigs.  You get plenty of bang for your buck.

I really liked the way they had you construct the ‘1932’ label.  The instructions have you piece together plenty of tiny flat grey tiles together and its not really clear what you’re building.  But once completed, you turn it over and voila! – you have a sign thats ready to go.

The finished product looked excellent.

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