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World Cup 2014: England vs Italy




PREGAME  Wakes up, checks scores.  The hell happened to Uruguay?  Lost 3-1 to Costa Rica 0_o

Also, Franjic ruled out for the Socceroos for the rest of the tournament.  That totally sucks 🙁




1′  Looks boiling out there 0_o

15′  Italy cross, Hart collects.  England counter, Italy shut them down.  Rinse and repeat.  Game is being played at a good tempo despite the humidity though.  How long can the players keep it up?


Sweet dummy from Pirlo creates the space and Marchisio tucks it past Hart with a low drive.


That didn’t take long.  England equalize straight away.  Sterling puts Rooney into space.  Pinpoint cross.  Sturridge applies the finish.  We got a game on our hands.

39′  Apparently the England physio rolled his ankle and is being stretchered off.  He looks hilariously embarrassed as he gets carted off on a stretcher.



Entertaining first half.  Both teams seem up for it and creating plenty of chances.  No diving around or any dodginess.


Balotelli scores as I’m getting some tea.  From the replay, its a simple cross and header.  Cool finish.  He deserved a goal for his efforts in the first half.

51′ – 57′  England dive around a whole lot in the penalty area but the ref ain’t buyin’.  Gerrard and Sturridge both giving it their best.

60′  Gerrard gets tackled by the ref

61′  Hodgson reacts to Rooney fluffing a shot at goal.  Martin Tyler reminds us that he has never scored a World Cup goal.

75′  Wayne Rooney with the worst corner in the history of the World Cup.  This is what £300,000 a week gets you.

77′  England look dead.  Actually, so does Italy.  Weather finally got to both teams.  Players cramping up, soaked in sweat, and playing as though they’re running in treacle.

80′  Hey English fan, how do you reckon your team is going?


Fun game that gradually slowed as the heat and humidity took its toll.  Qatar is going to brutal.

Uruguay unexpectedly losing to Costa Rica puts an interesting complexion on the next round.

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  1. Awesome atmosphere at the pub I went to in Vancouver. Three Lions blasting pregame….brilliant, solid support here for the English…

    Shame about the result…good game though. Rooney needs to step up and be counted like Neymar, Messi, Van Persie, Balotelli, Mueller – I mean this just goes to show he isn’t as good as he thinks he is when marked up against the worlds best….

    Van Gaal will make an impact at Man Utd – so much better that Moyes, good lord he was just awful…

    Rooney needs to otherwise England won’t do well…having said that promising from Sterling, Barkley etc…I rate Gary Cahill and Baines at the back too, way better than John smelly Terry…

    Pirlo was classy as hell!! Jeez

  2. I was hoping they’d keep Moyes, he did amazing things to United.

    The youngsters for England were pretty impressive but Rooney seems completely out of sorts.

    England playing a desperate Uruguay with Suarez in the squad will be a fun game.

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