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I am here, you are there

Hello my beauties.

Uni has started again, i didnt go to my first class for the simple reason that i get to use the cool computer in the library. If that doesnt make me sound like a dork, then what does?

Women in dreadlocks arent good.

Been fairly uneventful lately. Arrived on Saturday back to lovely Kenton Road, only to find i was locked out. So i had to sit on the stairs for half an hour and wait for my friends to get the key off Anna at work. Handed out the crap presents to friends, and caught up with the rest of the fools i live with. Went shopping yesterday, then to the bar. I drank lots. My friends sprayed Airwick on themselves trying to pass it off as aftershave. It wasnt a good way to go. I drank lots. And got pushed down a slope. Something happened to put me in a good mood, because apparentlt the person i like, likes me too! That is always good.

OK. Lunch is ready.

Posted by Angela @ 08:01 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

me luf u looong time!

Posted by ange @ 05/02/2003 07:16 PM AST

i like you angie!!!! heh heh

Posted by Matt @ 04/30/2003 03:57 AM AST

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