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My Boyfriend’s Back, He’s Gonna Save My Reputation

…i’m digging the gimmie gimmies again this week. dam nice.

You know what the best thing about the islamic calander is? getting days off work! … but seriously folks, Matt is happy this morning cause i dont have to go to work. yay! I think this day shall be used to recover from the weekend… and what a crazy and tiring weekend it was too.

On thursday the first good thing to come outta work finally popped up its head… yup. i was going diving… good stuff (so i thought). Turns out that there was massive swell in the sea and half the dam crew on the boat, including me, got seasick… fuckaroo. no diving for me then… dam tropical storms.

Friday was the night of my friend Mel’s 18th fancy dress party… i ended up scrapping the whole pirate idea (as previously posted), and just as well to cause someone else went as a pirate… so what did i go as? simple… A fireman. I stuck to the simply principle: Fireman = Sex appeal. it was safe to say that brunei’s famous rageing bush fires were no where to be seen that night… wooo! Twas a good party in the end… i saw abunch of friends, laughed and drank til my belly rippled when people poked it.

Saturday, after ignoring the surestead rule of “do not drink 24hours before diving”, i went out for another dive… only trouble was that this time i was hungover like a motherfucker. but it was much more successful than the thurdsdays… and i must admit i do feel superstar when i tell people that my job is ‘to go diving and find stuff’.

Sunday… messed around the empire pools with some friends… many how much rocking are bouncy castles in water? … i’m such a big kid. however, due to Puasa (the fasting month) starting this week there will be no more bouncy castles at the empire for a month… ass. Afterall that i finally went to watch “the rundown”… dam funny. well, i didnt have high hopes so i was impressed. Why is the rock beyond awesomeness? … respect Dwyane.

my friend bit me over the weekend and made me bleed… make sure this doesnt happen to you…


Posted by Matt @ 12:42 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

Faten just rocketed up in my books again.. (is that possible!)

edo: …

Posted by Matt @ 10/27/2003 07:26 PM AST

Where did your friend bite you?

Posted by Edo @ 10/27/2003 03:11 PM AST

haha you made a really hot fireman!! the hat with the light on it was damn sexy 😛

Posted by Faten @ 10/27/2003 02:08 PM AST

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