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Blackburn Rovers 4 – West Ham United 0

first off, i’d like to thank everyone on the site for plugging jassa’s new album in their posts. greatly appreciated, your copies are in the mail 😉 seriously though. i have actually never been prouder of a record that i have been a part of. not that i actually played any music on it but to have the pleasure of recording some of the best music that i have heard in too long a time is by far better than any experience i can name. it just never ceases to amaze me just how talented my friends are when it comes to stuff like this, just that so many people with so many great ideas were all in one place at the same time. namely brunei. i mean, sometimes i just sit and listen to all the cds of the bands that i’ve been in over the years and am taken aback by how lucky i was to grow up with so many talented people. i know we were never the masters of our musical crafts (well, except maybe jassa) but fucking hell did we put out a fuckload of good music. i’m just feeling appreciative. edo’s post has rubbed off on me.

you may wonder about the subject line of this post. now don’t go running to you internet football results site, cause you won’t see it there! i got championship manager 4 over the weekend. and was just pleased with this result. that, and i’m 3rd in the premiership behing Man U and the Arse. woohoo!

i’m not going to see x-men 2 until the weekend cause it’s erins birthday tomorrow and i don’t finish work til 8:30pm so we’re gonna be doing other things. so it’ll have to be on the weekend. though i saw daredevil in adelaide and really enjoyed it. it is a movie for the fans of the comic though as it name-drops a whole heap and has some cool appearences by Kevin Smith and Frank Miller.

come with me if you want to live

Posted by Mike @ 11:11 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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i actually didn’t buy it. thanks to kaaza it was only the cost of a couple of local calls. and three days waiting. but worth it by far!

Posted by mike @ 04/30/2003 08:44 AM AST

CM4! CM4! *runs to store* Why am I the last person to find out when these games are released…

Posted by Edo @ 04/30/2003 08:10 AM AST

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