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I love being gainfully employed

marvel at my newest shiny thing,



i never knew having a steady weekly income could make me so happy. maybe there are benefits to capitalism after all. or at least having a job. i’ll have more photos of other statues that i will be purchasing. look for my hellblazer statue that should be arriving from the states in about 4 weeks. how geekishly exciting.

Posted by Mike @ 08:42 PM AST [Link]

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edo, yes i do. in fact i have quite a few written already. just been slacking about to send them to you. will do so soon.

thank you sam.

Posted by mike @ 09/27/2002 06:13 AM AST

Dude, do you want to do your column any more?

Posted by Edo @ 09/26/2002 10:41 AM AST

Mike, I have never seen you so gleefully happy. Its amusing.

Mike has a nice thing.

Posted by Sam @ 09/26/2002 08:52 AM AST

dammit. it should be working…works for me. go to this webpage to see it:

Posted by mike @ 09/26/2002 07:10 AM AST

mike, its being gay, and wont let me see yoru shiny thing. I WANT TO SEE MIKE’S THING DAMMIT! SO MANY YEARS OF WAITING AND NOW GEOCITIES WONT LET ME!
FIX IT! I want your shiny thing.

Posted by Sam @ 09/26/2002 02:33 AM AST

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