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More comforting than anywhere called home

Edo. Sam. i only read your posts today, but i thought i should make some kind of comment. only it’s hard to find the right words. I’ve never been one to hand out good advice but i can tell you about what i know.

Edo, what Polly did to you is wrong. and it’s as much her fault as this Nigel fucker. You said yourself that you’re not one to hide your emotions, so i’m sure she knew of your feelings for her and she went and did this anyway. from personal experience people like that shouldn’t be worth your time. now, i don’t really know the extent of your relationship with Polly and i understand she’s your friend and i mean no disrespect by what i’ve said. but i’ve seen it happen before with another close friend. and if someone can cast you aside so easily and then laugh in your face about it, to me it would really be time to reassess that relationship.

Sam, you have to get your own place. you sound real stressed out by all this. seriously though, it is by far the best thing that happened to me. and it actually helped to strengthen my relationship with my parents. when you’re somewhere where you know you don’t have to do the dishes before you got to bed, or come home at whatever time you want it’s single most relaxing feeling in the world. i think it all comes down to control and i don’t want to sound like some dodgy self help book, but when you’re the master of your own domain it gives you a lot of comfort. you know that no matter what the situation is you can always get the fuck out of there and go home to where no-one is liable to bug you.

ok, i know that peoples problems can’t be solved in a couple of short paragraphs but i thought i should just let you know that i’m feeling for you at my end.

nobody’s mean to my friends and gets away with it.

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