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Good Friday

“God, How could things get any worse?”

I actually said this on Thursday morning.

It had bothered me that Polly had been dodging me during the week. Stories that didn’t add up, half truths and a change in the way she talked to me. And it finally came crashing down that night. She has a boyfriend. And his name is Nigel. A mutual friend.

That night at the Globe, she didn’t talk to me at all, unless I approached her. She turned her back on me lots of times to talk to Nigel. Nigel Nigel Nigel.

Last year, a friend of mine Wesley, was trying to get this girl Mcgee. He wasn’t having a great deal of success with conversation so he pretty much resorted to making fun of me and since I wanted him to get the girl, I just took it and looked like a fool (we talked about it and are cool about it now).

Once again, tonight, I was the butt of jokes. This time, they were Nigel’s. And this time, Polly is in on it. They whisper together, ask me a random question and then laugh at my response. When I ask for explanations they just smile at me and then return to whispering to each other. Nigel doesn’t even acknowledge me by name. As a joke between them, they call me ‘Theo’. No one else really finds this funny. Except for Polly who plays cheerleader and laughs at anything he says. That hurts. And I have no retort. I just sit there and look stupid. I think Nigel has successfully ripped me and Polly apart. We were best buddies for a year and it took him little under a week to undo everything. That fucking sucks.

And everyone knows. My friends, they all know. I am so bad at masking my anger and jealousy. Everyone knows. Nigel is with Polly. And Edo can’t stand it.

The next day when I call Polly and ask for confirmation that she is with Nigel, she half heartedly answers and promptly changes the subject. I didn’t just lose someone I love, I have now lost my best friend. She is full of lies. I make her uncomfortable. Any closeness is now gone. I feel like no one.

My star sign that day in the paper said ‘5 stars! Today: hang out with your friends’.

I think its time for me to go.

Posted by Edo @ 01:45 AM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

I noted the similarities with you and Becca, Pat. The sad difference is that in 8 months I may well leave Perth to go somewhere different thus making reconcilliation to anything near what we had before, a race against the clock. Plus, Nigel ain’t going anywhere fast which is pretty much the reason things are in the crapper to begin with.

Posted by Edo @ 04/19/2003 09:55 AM AST

Well, if it is worth anything. When i moved to Canada as you know, i pretty much only hung out with my soon to be girlfriend: Rebecca. When we broke up at grad, i too lost my best friend and girlfriend. I regreted what happened and tried to get her back only to realize i was chasing a dead end.
What i did was just moved on completely, made new friends, did different things and concentrated on my studies and work.
Six months later (a long time I know) she attempted to get back in contact with me and now we are close again. So i dont know if this helps but it may be something to think about in your situation.

Posted by Pat @ 04/19/2003 09:48 AM AST

Dan…thanks for the advice man.

Posted by Edo @ 04/19/2003 09:37 AM AST

Dude. As I see it, you need to fully rip into this Nigel character. I mean, what have you got to lose? Polly as a friend? Too late. I say the next time he makes some smart ass joke, you fully lay into him. You dont even have to be clever…make fun of any physical imperfections, his intelect..hell, the fact that his name is NIGEL….(we actually have a joke in the UK, that we call losers Nigel…not matter what their name is.)
Then, once he is suitibly stunned and mute from your verbal onslaught, you pick up a beer glass, down it, smash it over his head and walk out.

Thats what I would do…but then I am a melodramatic, vindictive person….Just a suggestion

Posted by Sam @ 04/19/2003 06:56 AM AST

Dude. There’s not much I can say that would make things better. But when life gets to a stage where beaucoup bad shit happens, the best thing is to keep standing. Wait for life to begin anew.

Posted by Dan @ 04/19/2003 04:39 AM AST

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