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Sticky mascara iiick

Okay, so I think I’ve done a pretty good job of not doing a whole lot this week.

Last week, my meeting with my tutor got cancelled for two weeks. So, that day i did nothing, but i did go to the bar Soultrainer stylie and had a merry time. I actually had a lecture on Tuesday, that was an adjustment to get used to after so long. It was three hours long. I felt so accomplished afterwards though, because it has reached the point where i feel like my brain is just floating around in my head shrinking like a little pea. Pea soup for brains.

On Wednesday, i cant actually remember (pea soup syndrome i guess) and on thursday i went out and got drunk because it was my friend Steve’s birthday. Rob had to take me home early in the end because I was too razzled and in danger of being sick if i was allowed to carry on the way i was. It was my friend Gary’s birthday on Friday so we went to Turnmill’s. I spent £50 and i wasn’t even in the mood to be out. Me and Amy nicked some helium balloons that night and spent a good 20 mintues sounding like munchkins. It never gets old! Hearing myself laugh like a little elf acltually made me want to wee myself.

Did nothing on saturday, just sat there and got stoned with my flatmate James all day. I went ona crazy cleaning frenzy yesterday, so the kitchen is spotless. I even scrubbed the grease off the cooker (and down the sides of the fridge, and the washing machine…and the microwave…) and then got stoned some more. Tomorow night is a thing going on at Ministry with our university. I think we’re going but i’m not sure.

Last night i flipped out because the strange line down my chest to my belly button really bugged me to the point i was convinced it was a scar from when i was a baby. So i texted my sisters to ask if i ever had an operation and everybody failed to mention it to me. They were like No, You Fruitcake. And then they asked if i was drunk. I was like No, I’m just crazy. Maybe it’s just a tan line. Who knows!!!

Going to the bar now, because Mikey has finished his dissertation today. I’m the next one up. Smug bastards are like…i’m finished hey hey. I’m like pointing my middle fingers at them all.

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