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go shorty its your birthday!!!

Its about time that disturbing face thing got pushed down with another blog.

So, i’m flying home tomorow. I have ZERO in my bank account, who knew i had an overdraft?!! I have a funky pair of Etnies now, so it is ok. It is the Easter party at Area tonight, so i’ll get my loser self over there cuz “I’M COMING OUT, I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW, I’M GONNA LET IT SHOW” you know?

I’m determined to find all the Easter eggs hidden around campus. Fun and games…i’m twenty years old and this childishness lark is wicked. Its been a fantastic term at uni, i have claimed the title of being the worst skiver and shop addict, i live with the bestest people on the planet, and summer is coming.
In the words of Michael Jackson…I love you all.

heh heh.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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