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17? It feels like 16 but with a little more pubic hair

It is so tempting to argue about football with Sam… but i fear for everyone else who doesnt support/follow football that it would be an immensly boring post…

I was thinking… doesnt Mike look like an practicing Jew in his new picture… (this is not intended to be an insult to anyone by the way). I mean i know mum told me that you had cut your hair short and all and grown a beard, but i didnt expect this… It is great! you should have done it many a year ago.

You know. Brunei are a whole season behind in Buffy… we’re coming up to the season finally in series 5!… tonite Dawn finds out that she is the Key!! amazing!

Yesterday was my birthday. I was given birthday wishes by a stunning 13 people! now if i was superstious then it would lead me to believe that it would be an unlucky year… but that isnt what bothered me… what really wanked my crank was that only 1 person from England gave me birthday wishes… They will all pay!

I wanna go to Uni in Auz. This is beacuse of the simple fact that austrialian women are SO much hotter than british women! The education is prolly pants but that doesnt count… so much. Hot women = good uni.

Now i can down to the original post purpose… Football. Sam, we may have gone out to South Korea but let me explain a few things:
1) Italy were a man down. England were a man up.
2) Italy lost in 117 mins. England lost in 50.
3) Italy had 60,000 people cheering against them. England had all the Japanese-English (60,000 of them) cheering them on.
4) We scored the third highest number of goals behind Germany and Brazil. (half of them were ‘disallowed’)
5) Even the most bias of football supporters can see that Italy were unfairly treated by the referees and linesmen alike.
6) FACT: England were the most boring team at the world cup. Even Saudi were better to watch, at least you knew that their keeper would fuck up.

You kinda get my drift.

Sorry for the last bit about football everyone else… but hell, it was a boring post anyway!

For those who wish to comment about what i said about the world cup. feel free to state your thoughts in the ‘comments box’

Posted by Matt @ 10:49 AM AST [Link]

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How can you use excuses for Italy going out to SOUTH KOREA.
England went out to the world champs.
Nuff Said

Posted by Pat @ 07/25/2002 05:56 AM AST

Actually, you kinda knew Seaman would fuck up too.

Posted by Edo @ 07/24/2002 03:07 PM AST

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