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Smelly cancellations

So this weekend rapidly turned to shit before it even began! ass.

As it was scheduled i was supposed to get into see my friends band, support some big ass band, on the guestlist. On wednesday my friend found out that they couldnt get out of school cause they recently got suspended and thus being a bording school they can do that… assholes. Out of kindness, my friend gave my band their slot and thus my band had 2 days to get read for a show! … we practiced like fuck, i’m talking ridiculously long 4 hour practices, missing class and other such shit. When we couldnt amp up we sat outside in the freezing weather and practiced accoustic.

we were ready.

But the kick in the pants, i’m talking bout the REAL turd in the waterpipe, is that show was then cancelled!! ass. i saying one of those fuck-off huge J-lo asses here!

so instead, i will sit on my ass and play with myself this weekend.

– que my theme music.


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