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Man, $34.99 to watch the Royal Rumble of PPV, is it just me or does that seem a lot. I nearly paid it, but thought i would just settle for Raw tomorrow night that is free. And that money would get the DVD for sure.

There has been plenty of snow here in dear old Canada lately, that has been fantastic for my snowboarding passtime. The other day though, i attempted to do a jump and the front end of my board hit the snow and my head smashed the ground. It hurt, but would have worse if i hadnt had my helmut on. Oh well, no pain, no game i guess.

Every weekend in Vancouver, there is a murder. Three weeks ago it was a pakistani, then a caucasion, and then a chinese person. It sounded bad until watching the comparison to the US for the murder rates.

Anyways, why has the rate of blog entries dropped.

I have too much homework to do. Later.

Posted by Pat @ 01:24 PM AST [Link]

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oh my god i cant believe this site is still going. i havint been to it in over a year.

anywayz hello everybody, pat you have to email me and edo email me too

Posted by jess @ 01/27/2003 12:39 PM AST

he he… no pain, no game (gain).

Posted by Matt @ 01/23/2003 01:17 AM AST

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