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As I look back on the past year, I notice that the year 2000 was, in many respects, a year of change for me. Not only that, but it was the year I fully entered the realm of webpage creation that was first explored through the tentative efforts of my personal site (which was pretty bad actually, before it got refurbished).

But none has ever made a bigger impact on the wide world web for me than the FAT website. This site very quickly grew into a cult with the expatriate teenagers of Brunei. There was hardly anyone who had at least heard of the FAT website, and many turned to the site to see what witty parodies the crew had written up about society and life in general.

Again I am on my daily sojourn to the bonny green lands of Australia, soaking up the sun, the clubs and the amber nectar whilst contemplating the complex mysteries of life and philosophy. Once again I find myself detached from the quirky lifestyle of Brunei, and decide, with finality, that I have found myself a life, and that life is peachy.

And now I’m writing on this website. The resignation from the site was painful, but necessary. I was at a bitter time of my life, and I just couldn’t keep writing, and keeping up the same energy. Divisions were popping up, people were just generally getting pissed off… it was nasty.

Now, the passing of time and the assertive control of the insane madman at the reins has healed these rifts, and we are ready to face the new year afresh.

2001 is upon us, people. I think it will be another year of change. The end of school, the start of independence, living away from home. These next six months mark the end of my stay in Brunei, and herald the end of an era.

So, to celebrate the first anniversary of the FAT website, I am going to…

Ermm…I forgot what I was going to do. It was going to be big though.

Ah well. Be satisfied with this post then.
A toast! To another great year of FATness!

Au revoir. Et bonne nuit.

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