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Angry Buddha


The day certainly started well enough. I went to the Public Relations lecture in the morning and it was absolutely crazy! There was about 10 guys and 140 girls. Hot ones! Blonde ones! Red heads! Easy girls! Girls with big butts (I like big butts and I cannot lie)! I ran in to Sexy Emma from last semester as well. Nice.

My midday lecture for Media Design was cancelled and moved to Thursday so I got a ride home and the madness started.

The front door was unlocked and I walked in and HOLY FUCKING SHIT the whole house was rearranged in to a makeshit prayer room and there were two fully robed monks chanting loudly on my sofa with incense and shit. In a big circle around them was about 8 more people chanting and praying and burning shit. I absolutely freaked and I think I audibly let out a ‘WHO THE FUCK–!!’ before recognizing my flatmate amongst them all.

I went in to my room and just sat quietly in the corner of the room. I couldn’t turn on the tv or music or anything so I just sat there.

Anyways, in the afternoon I went back to class. The MCI class turned out to be an absolute beauty. There was some hot blonde girl in pink sitting in front of us with the whole plumber butt crack thing going. Then, some new girl sits next to her. She was some hot doll-faced girl from Singapore. I pulled the moves and got her name and told her that since she was new to the country and all, if she ever felt lonely, she could give me a call. In hindsight, I don’t think I could’ve sounded much seedier but hey! She talked to me about the course and I explained how to do a reading log (squat with a newspaper, ho ho!).

Emma was in the class too.

Me: How come you’re in all my classes?
Emma: Because I secretly love you and follow you around
Me: (smelling the sexual tension) You know it, baby.

I love it. First day of class rules.

No homework. Double episode season finale of Buffy tonight~! I’m happy happy.

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