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Posh jelly beans

I’m home.

Its odd.

But at least its hot.

The flight was okay, i crashed out for most of it. I have posh jelly beans from Harrods. They’re all individually wrapped, with labels so you know what flavour your eating. Posh beans.

Spent my first day back, unpacking, putting up the Christmas tree, calling people who’s numbers i could remember, and went to seafood center with Ronan to chill out. It pisses down with rain, i was smart and had an umbrella. More people showed up. Some later than others, went home, felt SO bored, and i still dont have a clue what to do with my time now. I wish the weekend was here. Well technically it is by Brunei’s point of view. Gave out the Xmas presents i brought back. Ronan is in love with Dolly the Sheep now. Watch that cliff…they push back harder apparently.

I’ve been up all night, and i’m off to see one of my bestest girlie friends later. The sun’s coming up. I want breakfast. Smell u later.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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