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The Guard

There’s a scene in The Guard where a young Irishman tells Don Cheadle that there’s a good movie to made based on the events that occured in the preceeding 90 minutes.  “There’s a hero at the centre of the story.  Now throw in some action, explosions, a couple of hot girls.  Who wouldn’t want to see that?” It’s a pretty ...

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TV Show Round Up: House of Lies, The Layover, The Walking Dead Season Two, Black Mirror, Homeland Season One Finale, Survivor Season 23 Finale, Life’s Too Short

Black Mirror Black Mirror is a three part futuristic drama created by Charlie Brooker.  Each episode is thematically related in showing a rather bleak and morbid view of how the future could be if taken to an extreme length.  Some of the themes and motifs that are covered include 24 hour news media, reality television, social networking and video game ...

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