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King of Hardcore and Pornographic Priestess

The day before Chinese New Year was spent organizing the acquisition of large quantities of alcohol and ****s and pornography and wrestling tapes.  Then I end up spending Chinese New Year with Jess and Tom listening to a dumpy little kid talk about earthworms having sex.  We almost watched Lion King 2 but we took a rain check because we ...

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Snowboarding on Silverstar

Today I went Snowboarding up on a mountain called Silverstar. It was pretty cool, snowboarding is getting better now that I don’t fall on my ass cheeks every ten seconds. Jesus!, theres so many Australians up there, it feels like being in Australia again. I forgot how they spoke as I have been hanging around too many Canadians that only ...

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New Years (Brunei)


9.00 AM – Wake up.  It’s absolutely pissing down with rain. 9.45 AM – Phone Chloe and ask if she is coming to Goodview Hotel for New Years.  She says ‘maybe’.  That obviously means ‘no, fuck off’.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn.  Damn. 10.00 AM  Put pants on. 11.00 AM  Mike and Matt arrive.  Play Virtua Tennis on Dreamcast and start physically ...

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