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Snowboarding on Silverstar

Today I went Snowboarding up on a mountain called Silverstar. It was pretty cool, snowboarding is getting better now that I don’t fall on my ass cheeks every ten seconds.

Jesus!, theres so many Australians up there, it feels like being in Australia again. I forgot how they spoke as I have been hanging around too many Canadians that only talk about smoking weed and playing ice hockey.

Stinky school starts again on Monday, that sucks ass, I haven’t done any of my homework and I don’t want to wake up early.  Waking up early is about as cool as Sam Oakley’s bedroom (his bed is held up by cement blocks that he stole from a building site and he doesn’t have an air conditioner when its like 30 degree celcius every night).

Movies that I have seen recently include ‘Cast Away’ and ‘The Sixth Day’. Both were pretty funky, Cast Away was pretty cool, it was like one big FEDEX advertisment though that was gay. Tom Hanks’ best friend is a beach volleyball named Wilson, the beachball was cool.  Due to that beachball I give the movie a rating of Cheesy Pat giving two thumbs up and plus Tom Hanks is ok at acting I guess.  Plus ‘The Sixth Day” was cool as Arnold was in it and he beats up lots of people.
Dreamcasts are cool, i wish I was a rich guy like Edo so I could get one. Edo is rich, his dad has a boat and gave Edo a Dreamcast (and a goat).

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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