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Rhythm Heaven


Platform:  Nintendo Wii Developer:  Nintendo In the context of contemporary Nintendo’s gaming philosophy of bringing gaming to the masses through accessibility, I don’t quite understand how this game came to be. Ostensibly a series of musical mini-games that are based around timing and ‘Simon-says’ repetition challenges, Rhythm Heaven has a charming presentation style and after the first two mini-games ‘Built ...

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Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure


Platform:  Nintendo DS Developer:  EA Tiburon Publisher:  EA Games “The British Empire was built on cups of tea and if you think I’m going into battle without one, you are mistaken” – Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels. Henry Hatsworth is a Nintendo DS game where you play as a tea-sipping British explorer who is on a quest for a ...

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Phoenix Wright: Justice For All


Platform:  Nintendo DS Developer:  Capcom Publisher:  Capcom *contains spoilers* Playing Phoenix Wright: Justice For All is like revisiting an old friend.  The gameplay is almost a carbon copy of the original, with all its charm, quirks and flaws.  Without giving too much away, a lot of old favourites from the original game also re-appear in this follow up to Ace ...

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New Super Mario Bros.


Platform:  Nintendo DS Developer:  Nintendo EAD Team 4 Publisher:  Nintendo Some boardroom in Kyoto a year ago: “Let’s make a Mario game” “Sure, why not.  What’s he going to do this time?  Fishing?  Cooking?  Basketball? Mario Party 9?” “No…like, a 2-D Mario platform game” “Wait…with no gimmicks?” “Yeah, just a regular 2-D Mario game.” “…that’s genius” Who knows how it ...

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