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World Cup 2010: South Africa vs Mexico [Live Blog]

45 min. I’ve actually made it home after a night out drinking for the opening game of the tournament.  It’s only halftime and I’ve already got into some shit-talking with Matt. Seriously though, I hate Italy so much.  So much.  And they will pay for that injustice that was the 2006 World Cup.  It should’ve been the Soccerroos. But we’ll ...

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World Cup 2010: Australia vs Denmark [friendly]

0 min This is the first of two remaining friendlies for the Socceroos on African soil before the competition kicks off. 45 min It’s scoreless at halftime and so far, we’re looking better than we were against the All Whites.  My biggest concern at the moment is how I’m going to keep my sanity for the next six weeks listening ...

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