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Dirty Chinese Man will beat you up!

It’s been a bad day.  I got very average exam results, it rained all day, and apparently I owe Annie six beers!

Rod told me to beat up anyone that even ‘looks at Annie sideways’.  So watch out!

We’ve got more photos developed from recent parties and all I can say is:

Mike is busted!

Look at that dirty look on his face as he proceeds to bone some girl who is NOT HIS WIFE!

More pictures here.

Let me tell you a sad story.  Last night I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling.  I thought about Kate and then this huge-ass insect swooped down and slammed in to my nose.  I let out a horrific high pitched scream like a Backstreet Boy fan and proceeded to crush the bug with a hardcover copy of a  Harry Potter book.

True story.

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