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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

Busy Week of Stuff Going On

It’s been a pretty hectic week.  On the weekend there was the Christmas work party at Iceworks.  It was a chance to celebrate the end of the year with my old work team. Then I had a day to recover from a rather brutal hangover before heading down to Melbourne to give a 2010 presentation to my new work colleagues.  ...

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World Cup Draw 2010

I woke up this morning to check out the groups drawn for the World Cup in South Africa next year.  I got three teams I’m rooting for: Japan, New Zealand and Australia.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how we went. I was a bit disappointed about this grouping really.  I was hoping we would get Italy so we could crush ...

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The Mildly Disappointing Summer of Cricket

So our Summer Of Cricket started this week with the Windies test series kicking off at The Gabba.  Its actually a bit of a disappointing line up this year.  The Windies are pretty shit so the series isn’t really going to be much of a contest and then after this, we get no international games in Brisbane for the whole ...

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Ecco Bistro

Although I’m now two weeks into a new job, I can happily report that I’m still included in the monthly wining and dining nights that my former manager and colleagues would catch up for.  We take turns picking out a new restaurant to try and make a night of it.  This time, on my suggestion, we went with Phillip Johnson’s ...

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5 Second Review: The Brothers Bloom

Four years ago, Rian Johnson debuted with the excellent modern day highschool noir film Brick.  Now he returns with The Brothers Bloom, where once again he handles both the writing and directing duties. The Brothers Bloom is about two brothers where, strangely, only one of them is called Bloom.  The other guy is called Stephen.  Unless their names are Bloom ...

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Masuya Restaurant

During a recent stopover in Sydney, myself and some guys from work were feeling a hankering for Japanese food and Masuya is literally one of the first options that turn up in Google if you search ‘Japanese restaurant Sydney’. We booked and went in with no real expectations of the service or quality.  Turns out, we also really underestimated the ...

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Getting trolled by Virgin Blue

I’ve had to do an unusually frequent amount of travel this year for work.  Between what I did in my old job, a brief 3 month stint working in marketing and attending our quarterly awards nights, I’ve probably flown to Sydney about 10 times this year.  Our company has a policy to always use Virgin Blue and its starting to ...

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TFW Book Club: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

So I ended up setting The Greatest Show On Earth aside to read the next book in Larsson’s Millenium trilogy: The Girl Who Played With Fire. All the main characters from the original book return, including the sassy heroine Lisbeth Salander and investigative journalist (and sexual beast) Mikael Blomkvist.  This time, the story shifts away from the Miss Marple murder ...

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I got a jawb!

So last Friday I got myself a new job. In the middle of this month I’ll be finishing up working as a Team Leader in our office and I’ll take on a new role as a Operational Manager for our company’s service centre in Queensland.  Its all very new territory so it should be a pretty interesting challenge.  I’m happy ...

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