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Busy Week of Stuff Going On

It’s been a pretty hectic week.  On the weekend there was the Christmas work party at Iceworks.  It was a chance to celebrate the end of the year with my old work team.


Then I had a day to recover from a rather brutal hangover before heading down to Melbourne to give a 2010 presentation to my new work colleagues.  It was also a chance for some poker and beer when we were done.


After a few drinks, the hotel elevator was pretty tricky to navigate.


Then I had to fly back to Brisbane in time to catch a Green Day concert with Jen and Dom.




While waiting in line to get some water, I started talking to a girl who was wearing a Kerplunk shirt.  She stood out since almost everyone else there was wearing identical American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown tour shirts.  I asked if she saw the band play during the Nineties.  She looked at me and said ‘are you kidding?  I was born in 93’

I felt old 🙁

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  1. Greenday! Awesome. I saw them in 2004 at a festival in Nuremburg and it was amazing – the best concert I had seen until Coldplay this year.

    This was the American Idiot tour and they played a lot of the album plus favourites from Kerplunk and Insomiac.

    How did you find the show apart from the Water cooler incident?

  2. On another note – why at every work party do you seem to be all over the women?

  3. Green Day were fantastic live. Great audience participation and a terrific stage presence. Also, like the show you went to, they tend to get the new stuff out of the way pretty quick and still play a lot of the older songs too.

    Pat's Work Party

    Pat's Work Party

    Pat's Work Party

  4. Erm – this is about you not me….

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