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Everyone is getting married and having kids

I was very pleased to hear a couple of days ago that Rod and Annie got engaged.  That guy sure took his sweet time about it.  They’ve been together a decade now!  I hear the wedding is in Brunei so, invites permitting, it sounds like it could be quite a nice opportunity for a Brunei Reunion…in Brunei.

edoandrodThe last time I caught up with Rod in Adelaide, 2005.

So thats Rod, Pat and Dan all locked in with their old ladies.  I remember back in 2002, we had an impromptu poll on the site guessing who would get married first.  I think we all unanimously picked Mike.  Now I wonder who’s next to get married and who’s first up to have a kid?

On a side note, I got an email from my old flatmate from uni, Kolitha, and it included some nice photos of his baby boy Zion!  That might also mean he got married too.  I’m not sure.  I’ve been a bit out of touch.

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